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  • Nicolas de Kerchove

    Nicolas de Kerchove

    Mobile app, game and startup expert. Entrepreneur. Consultant in technology transfer. Growth Hacker. Snowboarder. Art Painter

  • Nizmun


  • Charlotte Brown

    Charlotte Brown

    TKS Innovator

  • Naila Moloo

    Naila Moloo

    Innovator at TKS ~ Sustainable energy through nanotechnology

  • Melody Berhane

    Melody Berhane

  • Dickson Wu

    Dickson Wu

    Hi I’m Dickson! I’m a 17-year-old innovator at TKS who’s excited to change the course of humanity for the better! I love AI, physics and math!

  • Eason Wu

    Eason Wu

    15 y/o innovator at The Knowledge Society (TKS) who loves learning new things and writing about cool stuff and things I’ve learned.

  • Maryann Issac

    Maryann Issac

    16 year-old who’s passionate about emerging tech || Innovator at the Knowledge Society || IB Student at Colonel By Secondary

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